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Ex-Sedentário - José Guimarães

A motivação também se treina!

Seg | 03.11.14

20 corredores que devem seguir nas redes sociais

José Guimarães
    Whether it’s blogging, Tweeting and/or Instagramming, it turns out runners have plenty to say about their sport. From trail adventures to coaching advice to racing hair buns and beards, add these 20 unique runners—and Competitor‘s editorial staff—to your social streams (if you haven’t added them already). Read more at

Anton Krupicka: For Trail Workouts and Philosophical Musings

A two-time Leadville 100 champion, Anton "Tony" Krupicka takes a minimalist approach to his rigorous training regimen. This Boulder-based ultrarunner has been known to log triple-digit weekly mileage with little fuel, hydration or gear to weigh him down (not even a shirt). What’s the method to his madness? He trains everyday alternating between flat runs, vertical ascents and the climbing gym with detailed training recaps published on his blog, "Riding the Wind." Website: Riding The Wind; Facebook: Anton Krupicka