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Ex-Sedentário - José Guimarães

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Qua | 10.09.14

Como dar água aos corredores durante uma prova

José Guimarães
      At many races, there are volunteers who pass out water to the runners. It may seem simple, but it can be exceedingly difficult if you don't know what to do. This article will help you to help the runners- while minimizing your chance of getting soaked. Steps
Find a table, lots of plastic cups, and plenty of water. Round up a few people to help you out- three is a good number. Assign one "filler" (someone to rapidly put cups on the table and fill them with water) and two "passers" (people to pass out water to the runners). 2 Just before the race begins, make sure you have 20-50 cups ready for the first crowd of runners. Each cup should be filled about halfway. 3 When the runners come by, be ready! Take one cup in each hand and stretch your arms out so passing runners can take the cups. Grip it loosely at the bottom so they are easy to grab. 4 Fill those cups fast! After the first group clears, more and more runners will be passing your way. The filler should keep the cups coming, and the passers should be running back and forth as quickly as they can, so all runners get water. 5 Watch out for shy people. There are always a few people who are too bashful to snatch the water out of your hands. If anyone looks thirsty (panting, red-faced, etc.) but hasn't taken water, offer them a cup. If they refuse, that's fine, but if they accept, you know you've done something good. 6 Manners aren't the runners' priority, and they shouldn't be yours, either. A simple "you're welcome" to a runner's "thank you" is fine." Remember, though, that most of these people can hardly breathe, let alone talk. Expect some people to ignore you completely, and others to grab the water and not say a word. 7 Expect to be splashed. It's going to happen when you have people racing by and snatching water out of your hand. Don't worry about a spill. Watch out certain people, though, who will slap your hand and cause the water to fly into your face. Most likely, they are crabby from all of that running and looking for a laugh. Besides- it's just water! 8 Have fun! Tell the runners that they're doing a terrific job. Splash water on people if they ask (or if they look like they need it.) Throw some water on your friends. It's all for a good cause!