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Ex-Sedentário - José Guimarães

A motivação também se treina!

Qua | 27.07.16

Dicas para gozar o tempo a mais

José Guimarães
  1. Scrimp and scrounge. If you have a change-jar, empty it immediately and take out all the big coins, then put all the smaller ones back in so it looks like you took nothing. This is your “petty cash” which can be used for frivolous expenditure that requires small change, such as public transport and coffee. That way, you’re not touching your fragile bank account and spending any of your “real” money. 2. Embrace the outdoors. It is summer, so take advantage of the fact that you can be outside. The best two things that come from this are the freedom to exercise (see point three) and the ability to tan hard. Everyone else is indoors, wearing suits, sweating it out – you, on the other hand, are on the beach or at the park between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. soaking up key afternoon rays. When it gets to the weekend they will be so stunned by your summertime glow that your unemployment will be totally overlooked! Hurrah! 3. Get fit. No time like the present, and no more room for the excuse that you have no time. You have all the time in the world! Aren’t you so lucky? So you can’t afford a gym membership or fancy equipment, but you have feet and legs and surely a pair of sneakers gathering dust somewhere, so get out there and run the blues away. I am training for a half-marathon. If you know me, which I imagine some of you feel like you do at this point, you will understand how insurmountable this seems as I am basically a human slug with the fitness levels of such. However, when you’re FUN-employed, there ain’t no mountain high enough and all that jazz. Again, when the weekend rolls around and you appear with your dynamite legs, people won’t care where you go or don’t because they’ll only want to hear about your incredible training program and fitness regime. Which brings me nicely to point four. 4. Get healthy: Not in a crazy, skinny girl kind of way, but in a taking-advantage-of-your-situation kind of way. You’re watching the pennies, so you’re not eating out which means you are cooking at home, which means you are completely in control of what you are putting into your body. You also can’t afford fancy fatty foods so stock up on healthy foods that you can bulk-buy, and finally kick-start that diet you’ve been banging on about since January. I always find this is so much harder to do in an office environment because there’s the temptation to buy something for lunch, to munch on snacks in the coffee room, to go out for drinks after work, etc. – but when you’re a total loner with no one to hang out with, you can eat really healthily and cheaply and not have anyone bug you because you’re using low-cal spray instead of olive oil. Take advantage of the solidarity while you have it! And again, the payoff lies in the weekend when you can smugly regale everyone with your new collection of recipes that are making you feel so zen and relaxed, you don’t miss work at all!